Redundant Span Records

Introducing Shangri-Lass – the solo project of Sheffield-based musician and Sister Wives’ bassist, Rose Love. Shangri-Lass makes a striking entrance with her debut ‘Over & Over’ EP, an off-kilter, 60’s girl-group inspired synth pop record with a brooding punk underbelly.

The EP will be released 28th April 2023 on new Sheffield label, Redundant Span.

Along with the announcement, Shangri-Lass unveils lead single “Parallel”. This dark, psych-pop tune is a homage to the saddest, baddest 60’s girl groups; the lyrics’ hopeful yet ultimately doomed yearning is a perfect match for the trippy dream pop surrounding them.

Grooving bass and a shuffling drum beat hold down the slightly deranged synth stabs, floaty guitars and a vocal melody that sounds a bit like The Shirelles if they’d grown up in West Yorkshire.