Oscar and the Wolf

[PIAS] Recordings

Belgium superstar Oscar and the Wolf (aka Max Colombie) returns with dazzling new single, “James“. “James” is pure pop brilliance, characteristically blissful and far from minimalist. The atmosphere is deliberately set in the golden haze of the French and Italian Riviera – Colombie was inspired by their slower way of living, the clothing, the aesthetic, the photography and films. He combines this with the vampire sounds that he has held reference to since his debut, Entity.

Having come to him fully formed in a dream (“I woke up and had the whole thing in my head. From the vocal line to the drums to the chords to the whole arrangement”), the song’s title is in honour of the birth of his baby nephew, who was born on the same day that Colombie went into the studio to record the song.

The accompanying video draws its inspiration from relationships, friendships and loves. Through several sequences, Colombie lets himself be carried away by the wind and the light. Through dance, he and his friends raise supernatural energy pushing the wind and light to the maximum.