Spirit Goth

“Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was myself. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.”

This introspective musing by ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi sets the tone of Singaporean dream-pop duo Kekko’s debut EP, “Dreaming Life”. It is an invitation into the dreamworld that Kekko has designed; one that feels strangely familiar but yet at the same time, remarkably exciting and surreal. Perhaps it is the boundless space of all creation, where doer and deed are all but one, where the listener and music are two sides of the very same coin.

Vocalist Cherie spent her teenage years covering dream-pop and shoegaze classics on Youtube, garnering a cult following from the most ardent fans of icons like Slowdive, Beach House and My Bloody Valentine. She was also the main vocalist in Bored Spies (with members from legendary 90s band, Seam) which toured the US and Europe, notably playing Primavera Sound Barcelona. In the present, Kekko marks the first time Cherie has been able to step out of her captivating personas and truly embrace her authentic wholeness. Without all sorts of self-created expectations and suppositions of what music should be, she can now sing from a place of warm transcendence, where the music truly embodies who she is deep down inside.

Tasked with the fruitful paradox of expressing the inexpressible, Tim takes care of everything else in the Kekko consciousness, exploring sonic realms with his multi-instrumentation and composition. It often “starts with just one note and a quiet contemplation” of how the sounds makes him feel and he then build and craft melody-focused pieces from the ‘heart cave”, a term carved by the late Ram Dass, a spiritual teacher and psychedelic explorer, who describes it as “a place beyond all forms and limits, a place for letting go.” Deeply steeped in Eastern philosophy and Spirituality, Tim borrows from years of inner and outer work; his aural offerings an attempt to envision and encapsulate the expansiveness and magic of all realms of existence.