Speedy Wunderground

Not a great deal is known about Joyeria – aside from the fact he is of Canadian origin and is a prolific multi-disciplinary artist, musician, writer and thinker currently residing in London. The 37th single in the Speedy Wunderground series is the 6-minute epic ‘Here Comes Trouble’ – split across two sides of a 7” in classic Speedy style.

Of the recording process the artist says: ‘I was sure the music would sound like music and the instruments would play notes that sound of the highest standard, as this is what has come to be expected from the team at Speedy Wunderground.  I’d been recording on my own for so long I no longer knew if I could play with others, or if the flow of information and ideas could be uninterrupted by the politics and “showmanship” I’ve imagined all these years.  Dan had never seen me play guitar although he’d heard a few songs.  We’d spoken over beers about Joseph Bertrand and the paradox that threatened physics, would we again chase the intangible?  “It’s the curious mind that matters most” I thought to myself, and Dan certainly has that.’

The accompanying players on the song were also kept firmly within the Speedy family – being assembled only on the day of recording – with label boss Carey taking on bass duties and sticksman George Rhys Davies of labelmates Tiña helming the drums.

The resulting track already feels like a classic in the label’s iconic canon. Channelling Bill Callahan vocals over what sounds like excerpts of Bukowski’s racetrack diaries it breaks down and explodes into a beautiful mess of krautrock drums and detuned guitars – but constantly rhythmic and catchy as hell. Like Jandek fronting NEU at the hoedown. In a good way.