Japanese Television

Tip Top Recordings

London space-surf four-piece Japanese Television will release their debut album, Space Fruit Vineyard, out 15th April 2022 via Tip Top Recordings.

There’s an extra drive and bite to the new songs, which the band puts down to the catharsis of finally being able to play together again. ‘Bumble Rumble’, released late last year, certainly profits from this expulsion of energy. “Probably our most brutal track” according to the band, its tightly wound riffs and tribal drums perfectly interlock, allowing little room to breathe. Even when they finally loosen their grip, the juddering fuzz smothers the listener, a laser gun keys solo punching through.

It’s fitting for a band with such an obsession with outer space, that at times they sound like they’ve had their bodies commandeered by an orbiting aircraft, playing with an intensity and otherworldliness that hypnotises. Opening single ‘Dopplegänger Disco’ is one of these moments, its ferocity and the band’s telepathic connection producing a buzzing four-minute blast.

With Space Fruit Vineyard Japanese Television take their brand of intergalactic psyche and blast it to the edges of the universe. Forever teetering on the brink of chaos, their debut album is a testament to both their individual skill and collective vision, a wild ride down the centre of a wormhole.