Hollow Hand

Curation Records

Hollow Hand returns with news of a third album, Your Own Adventure, due for release on 3rd March 2023 via Curation Records. 

Your Own Adventure is the result of an artist that has been through something of a personal and creative breakthrough, making a record guided by instinct and intuition, yet underpinned by years of knowledge, experience and craft. Across 13 tracks it glides through moments of tender introspection, backed by gently plucked guitar, melodic folk rock, synth-soaked psych pop and a touch of Americana, all of which is carried by Max Kinghorn-Mills’ voice which seamlessly shifts from infectious hooks and layered melodies to moments of subtle restraint.

The album also features many guest appearances from Tim Smith (Midlake, Harp), Spencer Cullum, Holly Macve, Ryan Pollie and Oliver Newton, and was mixed by Chris Cohen in Los Angeles.