Galaxians‘ neon-lit disco-funk dances wildly across dancefloors past and present. Spinning on their own axis, the Leeds trio summon a sound that’s joyous, communal, and fuelled by “too much coffee and too many donuts”.

With their polished yet primitive high-energy pop potion, Matt Woodward (drums) Jed Skinner (synths) and Emma Mason (vocals) can slip into rock venues as easily as sweaty club spaces. Bringing a human touch to electronic music with live drums, earth-shaking vocals and gold-plated grooves, since 2012 Galaxians have been merging two sides of their hometown that don’t often meet: dance music and the DIY scene.

Galaxians add a modern twist to retro sounds, recalling the likes of Roisin Murphy, Hercules & Love Affair, Lynda Dawn and Sink Ya Teeth. For their second album, Chemical Reaction¬†the band have stripped back the music and pumped up the vocals. Emma joined the band in 2016, and with her unstoppable voice elevates the group to a fully-formed musical act. This new LP is all about her. “We just wanted to make a pop album with simple songs and let Emma shine and do her thing,” they say.