Annie Hamilton

[PIAS] Australia

Eora/Sydney-based musician, visual artist and designer Annie Hamilton releases her second single of 2021 ‘Electric Night’, following August’s ‘Exist’.

‘Electric Night’ is a timely love song for humid summer nights, for the wild electrical storms, for when the gum trees fly away and the fruit bats circle overhead. It’s about pausing in awe, humbled beneath the imposing majesty of nature and watching the sky, escaping reality for a moment and allowing yourself to get swept away by it all.

With swirling layers of guitar, oceanic synths, booming drums and a field recording of a cracking whip. Hamilton’s signature blend of dream-pop and alt-rock conjures up the balmy, charged atmosphere of watching a storm slowly roll in, while her poetic, matter-of-fact lyricism hones in on the curious tranquility that opens up inside as, outside, the skies darken, become heavy with imminent thunder and the wind gathers pace.