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Ever since Stillwave’s first show in the lobby of a tiny arthouse cinema in 2012, their dream to record an album has been at the forefront of their minds. Starting out from performing covers of the Pixies to quickly gaining the courage to write and perform original songs, the alternative trio continues to push and explore their sound.

After graduating from college with two Economics degrees and one Law degree between them, the trio of Marcel, Michael and Jooris committed themselves to Stillwave, working minimum wage part-time jobs to get by. Focused on playing live every week they knew they had to set themselves apart from other Dutch bands. Taking the ferry to the UK, and barely making it to Calais at 4 AM just to play a gig somewhere in an old industrial city up North, this became a regular journey for the band. Finding salvation in those dingy independent venues that reeked of hope and beer, they would marvel at the list of heroes who had stood on the very stages before them, be it Radiohead, David Bowie or Slowdive. This was their driving force and it took them to places; from sharing the stage with65daysofstatic to hosting the afterparty for The Cure when they visited the Netherlands, their vision as a band was slowly becoming clearer.

When an original member, Adriaan, decided to leave the band, it was a critical turning point for Stillwave. Using the unexpected news to push themselves to form a bond which went further than the music, it only seemed right to ask their longtime roadie and childhood friend, Joris, to join the band.

Stillwave have caught the attention of numerous blogs and radio stations worldwide (Q magazine, Wonderland, 1883 Magazine, Nothing But Hope and Passion, Drunken Werewolf, Little Indie Blogs and many more). With the two EPs under their belt, Stillwave have played over 100 shows with multiple tours in the UK and The Netherlands and are set to release their debut album in late 2017.