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Still Parade

On Soon Enough, Kramer is the dreamer who dared to dream. Across the albums nine tracks, Kramer shares his own particular reality, collecting together a series of his very own life events and observations and instilling them with meaning, and in the process creating his own reality within the album’s dreamy landscape.

Work on Soon Enough began in earnest back in late 2016 after the release of the debut Still Parade album, Concrete Vision. After beginning the writing process in his home studio in Berlin, Kramer decided a change of scenery was needed and in early 2017 he took the bare bones tracks he had started, across the Atlantic, trading Berlin for a creative vacation in Los Angeles.

Lionel Williams, the mastermind behind celestial pop outfit Vinyl Williams, would be Kramer’s LA guru and chief collaborator for the trip, having previously directed the 360 video for the Still Parade track “Chamber,”. At the time, Williams was camped out at Non Plus Ultra, a not-for-profit DIY creative space frequented by the likes of Mac DeMarco and Jimmy Whispers, that lifts its name from a Latin phrase that roughly translates as, “a high point with nothing beyond.” There Lionel would lay down the drum tracks that would form the foundation of Soon Enoughand begin to give shape to the sketches Kramer had brought with him.

Under LA’s clear skies, Kramer achieved a new found clarity about the direction the album should take. Every evening he took an hour and half walk around town. “I was really stunned by all the colours in the sunset. Coming from the gray of Berlin Winter and ending up in this colourful world, it just blows your mind. The title track on the album, “Soon Enough”, tries to capture an ephemeral moment, like a beautiful sunset, that you know is going to slip away. It’s not meant to be a whole metaphor for life or anything, but that’s one of the general vibes on the record, trying to hold on,” Kramer explains.

Returning to Berlin was a crash landing back to reality for Kramer who says, “Everything seemed so clear in LA. Then I had to put the this dreamy record through a reality check.” It would be another full year before Soon Enough was finished, a year that involved Kramer relenting to the idea that getting stuck is sometimes part of the creative process. Kramer took a second creative vacation, this one taking the form of time out from work on Soon Enough, Kramer began working on a separate batch of previously unreleased Still Parade songs that would form 2017’s Kindness EP, as well as cultivating a project of experimental ambient sounds under the moniker N Kramer.

Refreshed, Kramer returned his focus to finishing Soon Enough, the self-produced album he had been nurturing for the past two years that’s now being released on his very own label, Feel Flows (named after Kramer’s favourite Beach Boys track). Soon Enough is an all together softer record than it’s bold, primary colour predecessor, Concrete Vision, that also aims for more emotional complexity while trying not to drift into what Kramer calls “emotional jazz” territory. Selecting instruments more like a colour pallette, in order to cultivate more sixties sound, Kramer avoided the polysynths used throughout his Stil Parade debut, instead employing sounds like Clavinet, Rocksichord and Farfisa. The result is an album instilled with California sunshine and flooded with the warm red you find right before sunset. Soon Enough might be dreamy by design but is now very much a reality.