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Mass Datura

Rising London five-piece Mass Datura will release debut album Sentimental Meltdown on 6th October via All Types of Slime Records, and the band will tour with Black Angels and also play Liverpool Psych Festival in September.

Since forming in 2014, Mass Datura have earned a reputation for their mesmerising, raw and unpredictable live performances, utilising the lo-fi and psychedelic foundation on which the band was built to breathe new life into their songs.

The band was initially formed by singer, writer and artist Thomas Rowe (with best friend Joseph Colkett), as an outlet to channel his own strange childhood experiences. Born and raised in the rural ghettos of Western Canada, frontman Rowe discovered at an early age what a powerful form of escapism music could be for him. Inspired by the sounds of doo wop, Nirvana and The Melvins as well as old blues, gospel and American folk music, Rowe’s first instrument he learnt was the harmonica (which his father played). He then went on the learn tenor banjo and guitar. Landing as an alien in London 8 years ago, Rowe gathered a group of like-minded East London misfits around him, playing and discussing music together, and from this, Mass Datura was founded. Taking their name from 16th century occult mythology, the Datura flower when ingested was said to give you the ability to levitate, flying through bleak night skies around the world snatching up little children.

An ambitious, Technicolor journey through unsympathetic sounds and childish melodies Sentimental Meltdown takes you on a whimsical journey of childhood rejection; in Feel Me Human to Hello Evil, guilt and the imprisonment of the disenchantment of oneself, and true love and slippery slope of losing that love in Fantasy Friction, Black Palm, Hanging From a Thousand Nails.

Recently released warm and warped 7” single Dream Thief was accompanied by an equally trippyvideo which premiered online with Wonderland Magazine, and lauded by DIY mag as “proggy, space-age pop” adding to the clamour around the band in the blogosphere.

Mass Datura have managed to support some very exciting bands as they have passed through London, collaborations within their array of selected performances with artists including L.A. Witch,Holy Drug CoupleDark HorsesThe Vacant Lots and others. The band were invited to support neo-psych rockers Black Mountain on their UK tour last winter, which they documented withLomography.