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Margaret Glaspy

Originally from California, Glaspy relocated to the east coast in her teens, cutting her teeth as a touring musician in various bands in Boston and New York before embarking on her own journey.  Emotions and Math is the culmination of that musical trek thus far, the album’s title encompasses much of her experiences both on a personal and artistic level and as she says herself; “I’ve always considered myself a free spirit, someone who goes with the flow, but actually I’m not exactly like. This record really taught me that I’m super analytical and process-driven. I really do think they go together, emotions and math. Nobody is just one thing.”

Demoed at home, Glaspy has retained the immediacy of the original tracks, fine-tuning twice before the final recordings were undertaken at New York’s Sear Sound Studio and mixed by Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, Weezer, Lucius).  Awash with a warm intimacy, bristling with energy and passion, Emotions and Math portrays a young artist with something to say, one who has found her voice, both as a singer and a songwriter.