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London experimental five-piece Housewives return for more anarchic genre-blending adventures with their new single ‘Speak To Me’ – a synthesized junkyard collage written in Wetherspoons, cafes and anywhere away from their houseboats with a reliable electrical supply.

Exploring the possibilities of electronic sound, with its dead-behind-the-eyes chanting, this latest snippet of things to come marks a turning point for the band who sold their guitars to buy midi equipment and swapped London rents for nomadic houseboat living.

Bringing to mind the digital meditations of legendary producer Oneohtrix Point Never and the claustrophobic sampling of Animal Collective and Battles, it encapsulates the running theme witnessed at the group’s most recent, electrifying live shows; the isolation of modern life.

Using huge live drums, saccharine vocal samples, pulsating sub bass and mechanically entwined guitar lines; ‘Speak to Me’ is a sign of the bands’ new direction with a constantly evolving sound, creating an anxiety and tightness that assumes the feeling of a knot in the stomach, or a strained smile.