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If dressing up, saxophones, recycling and general mayhem are your thing, then Gork are probably a band worth giving some time to. The Bristol-based group have announced their new EP ‘Class’, which is due to be released on 15th November by Bristol labels Breakfast Records and Leisure Records, as well as haywire first single ‘That’s Plastic Mate’. Order the EP here, including on limited edition tea-towel:

Class’ is the longest record the band have put together to date, and have dragged in Leisure Records as well as Breakfast Records to free it into the world, in both cassette and tea-towel form. It blends together the bands absurdist humour with wild sax playing and haywire guitars. No one can claim that Gork aren’t original in their songwriting topics; lead single ‘That’s Plastic Mate’ is an ode to reusable containers, whilst ‘Cabbages’ is all about, well um, finding a cabbage coming to life. It’s a technicolour bomb of weirdness, spinning your head in a thousand different directions.