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Eşya is the solo project from Ayşe Hassan (Savages/Kite Base); an unsettling, beat driven, wonky exploration of the absurdities of life.

Her latest EP, Absurdity of ATCG (I), is due on 24th May and is the second in a series of self-released works exploring the myriad manifestations of selfhood through a whirlwind of FM and analog synths, drum machines and vocals.

Incorporating sounds and visuals recorded at significant points throughout last year, and with ATCG being the building blocks in human DNA, the intention is to be honest, abrasive and direct, confronting the things we fear the most. Transgressing comfort zones by experimenting with the complex and contradictory ideas that can exist within one person.

New single ‘Nothing’ is an existential industrial pop exploration, which Ayşe states is “an acknowledgement of a moment in your life that changes everything you thought you knew – The profound impact of our relationships, choices and experience. The song is a dedication to a friend lost, not in body but in mind – from a tragic experience that changed their entire being.”