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Elle Mary & The Bad Men

A Welsh singer made in Manchester, Elle Mary is an artist that finds inspiration through balancing conflicting instincts. This is what lies beneath the subtle tension that slightly tugs at the heart of her and The Bad Men’s acoustically-webbed slowcore minimalism.

Elle Mary was birthed after a breakup. The end of her relationship arrived abruptly, leaving her hurt and yearning for a change. Using the pain to reinvent herself, and switching her acoustic guitar for electric, she left folk music behind.

As Elle Mary began to evolve and was no longer needed to cope with grief, she began to use songwriting as a way to face the bigger things in life. Elle says on her music, ‘I find that although I write the songs, they seem to come from some other part of me and I look back on them and find that I’m usually just trying to give myself some advice or understand what is going on around me. A song is never about one particular thing, though there may be an overarching theme. I think when I started I was very emotionally charged and poured all this into the songs. I’ve learnt to control my emotions somewhat now and write in a more reflective sense.’

Moving from folk to ‘heavy noir’, one thing that remains is Elle’s use of space when she creates; the silence between the notes as important as the melodies. She is drawn to the communicative and bonding qualities of plainsong but hooked on the exploration beyond its stylistic connotations.

Elle Mary has performed with La Luz, Jenny Hval, Daniel Knox, Dan Michaelson, Smoke Fairies, Jo Rose, Tara Jane O’Neil and performed a house concert tour of Europe as well as playing Stockholm, San Francisco, Edinburgh, London, Manchester and Cardiff.