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Charismatic Megafauna


Charismatic Megafauna want to light up the dancefloor and destroy it. With drum-hop-punk-powered missives about guys in spandex, the shitness of Theresa May and female ejaculation, Susannah Worth, Georgia Twigg and Jenny Moore refract their feminism through an absurdist lens – party music for politically-minded people, if you like.

The London-based trio’s debut album Semi-Regular cooks up a potent mix of girl-gang chants, three-person drum offensives and mutant synth freakouts that recall the best bits of electropunk. Ten percussive-led bursts of party-starting fury, track titles range from ‘Hole’ to ‘Sequin Shirt’ and ‘Ffffeminism’.

“We love people who come from another planet,” they say, reeling off a list of extraterrestrial artists that includes Prince, FKA Twigs, Planningtorock, and “Kate Bush before she loved Theresa May”. Accented by hypnotic percussion and heady blasts of cosmic keys, the band’s UK Prime Minister-lambasting track nods to anti-government demos with its single-sentence phrase: “Theresa May not talk for me.”