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On Friday 26 October 2018 Cantaloupe will release their new album Error States, a thoughtful, inventive, infectious take on synth pop; overflowing with ideas; a bit battered by life, but ultimately still full of hope and love; and maybe even up for a shimmy on the dancefloor.

In March 2015, Cantaloupe released their debut album, Zoetrope. At that point Cantaloupe were a four-piece, mostly based in Nottingham. In the last three-and-a-half years, members have dispersed, reproduced, quit or been swallowed up by life/work/the world.

After a period of hiatus, confusion and exhaustion, earlier this year the band – now comprising Aaron Doyle (drums) and John Simson (synths) with support from a range of vocalists including Sophia Pettit (Night Flowers) and Beck Goldsmith (Flourishes) – deposited nine tracks of soaring, expressive, melancholic pop on the doorstep of Hello Thor Records. And everything made sense again.

From the mournful rumbling of Error States’ opener ‘Shut Down’ it’s clear, from the off, that album number two picks up on the more introspective moments of Zoetrope; thehaunting ‘Breathe’ and ‘The Flood’ (Feat. Sophia Pettit of Night Flowers) show a darker, more reflective edge, all delicate vocals and gently pulsing synths.

But Cantaloupe still can’t resist throwing in a kaleidoscopic pop banger or three. On ‘I Thought You’d Know’ a wild-eyed falsetto from James Finlay of Nottingham rockersGrey Hairs, weaves in and out with a hypnotic vocal from Angi Fletcher (of much loved Nottingham indie rock group Fists) and a whole host of bubbling, squealing synths. The whole thing brings to mind LCD Soundsystem at their most unhinged.

Alongside Goldsmith, Finlay, Fletcher and Pettit, Error States also features guest vocalists, Matt Fleetwood (of indie rock band The Cusp) and previous collaborator/band memberEleanor Marsh.