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All Girls Arson Club

Meet All Girls Arson Club – a brand new trio from Sheffield, set to release their debut EP, Dark Fruits, on 5th April via the city’s local DIY label/gig space, Delicious Clam.

Coming together after a Lambrini-fuelled screening of Kathleen Hanna’s The Punk Singer coupled with “a growing frustration with the (over)abundance of boys in bands”, lead vocalist/guitarist Alice Seed, bassist Vicky Hayward and drummer India Garry all made plans to make some noise – no mean feat as both Hayward and Garry had yet to pick up their instruments. Their tongue-in-cheek, fun punk sound sticks to these riot grrrl roots, and the four-track Dark Fruits is full of hooks and no holds barred storytelling, including an ode to curry club and modern day relationships.