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Get to know the wonderful @Ohmmemusic , before they tour the UK next month. Their debut album, Parts is out now via @JoyfulNoiseRecs

London newcomers Black Country, New Road make a biblical, sardonic noise on debut track 'Athen's, France' - new on @SpeedyWunder, it's today's Neu Pick.

When you get paid fuck all to start with and then all of your gear gets robbed on tour, how do you keep on going?

Psych disco duo Klaus Johann Grobe ponder the serious side of their playful art.

Black Country, New Road release 'Athen's, France' via @SpeedyWunder 👇

Words by Ross Jones 🖊️

Black Country, New Road send for @phoebe_bridgers on sardonic, mutating debut track "Athen's, France"

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